SoHo Art, Design & Culture Center
SoHo Art, Design & Culture Center

An Art, Design and Culture center that creates a platform where Art interacts with the daily life, A space for artists to work , learn and develope the community.

We are SoHo art,design and culture center in Västerås Sweden.
A project of Societe för konst,scenkonst och kultur ek. För. in Västerås,Västmanland. We named our brand SoHo after SOHO in NY,  hoping that Västerås city would rise in arts and design field as SOHO.

We have 3 main Sections :

Where we having our -Art gallery ”Galleri SoHo ” and this is where we hold different types of art exhibitions and where we represent and introduce local and international artists. We also sell and exhibit handcrafts. You can buy exclusive and original artworks. Have some inspiration and enjoy a different art experience. And for companies there are renting  and installation possibilities for the artworks.
-Courses and workshops in art : painting ,learning about different materials, sketching, calligraphy, photography, ..etc.
-Art residencies and international programs  :(Culture wheel project)
We offering different types of programs to international artists to exhibit  their artworks in västerås city, provide studio spaces, and to interact  with the community through offering different  types of exclusive workshop and courses .
-Art advising and consulting: For both private coustmers and companies.
– Art Auction: we organize around  2-3 big auctions per year to sell a selection of exclusive artworks.

We were are offering different services. And we have covered all the design departments. We work with both individuals and companies. And also  organize different types of shows,exhibitions and fairs for design.

Interior design:
From giving design solutions,  to furnishing in order to create harmonic feeling that is fitting for your personal taste or to the company concept. Courses and workshops: for both companies and private people who want to learn and teach their staff some skills  for example  Autocad and 3D max . We also have architects  if needed.

Marketing solutions & graphic design:
Marketing Campaigns, logo design, poster making, animation,..etc.

Fashion design:
We create different prototypes, personalinzed designs upon request for private  people. Costume design  for films and theaters. We offer dressing solutions for companies that  represents the company goals and ideas. As the image of the employees always reflect on the company. Courses in fashion design , draping,  pattern making ,sewing ,..etc.

Industrial design:
Our industrial design experts will help you in creating design solutions that will make your product  more attractive to your coustumers.

Product design, 3D printing and modelings:
From the strategic and tactical activities, from idea generation to commercialization, used to create a product design. In a systematic approach, our product designers conceptualize and evaluate ideas, turning them into tangible inventions and products. The product designer’s role is to combine art, science, and technology to create new products that people can use. We also offer 3D printing  that fits different fields.

We organize different types of cultural based events, courses and workshops. Some are to celebrate the local culture and handcrafts. Some are from other different cultures  to increase the integration. We work together with Cultural organizations, centers, groups and embassies  to enrich and insure quality to the guests and audiences.

Activities for children and youngsters:
We offer different varieties of workshops and activities in art and crafts , music, theater ,dance,..etc. that is suitable for children and teenagers.
-We having also a drop in workshops every Saturday where we help your children discover their creative side through painting,  origami and different crafts.with simple small fees.
-We also offer school classes to come and participate in our activities co-operating with Västerås stad in a project called Skapande skola .
-We also participate in Barnfestival (children festival) every year and have activities free of charge for participants.

Event planning:
We offer planning different types of events for privet customers as wedding, birthday, graduation parties ), We offer also to organize events for companies meetings, celebration,..etc We Customize a rich program that is suitable for your occasion from choosing the theme and exicuite it, to taking pictures and recording the event ,and of course we take care of all the details surrounding it as sending the invitations and fixing the permits To insure you and your company a successful event. We plan also events at our space that you can come as guest join! Some are free of charges as exhibition openings and shopping festivals. Some have small charges as a day workshop, lecture, networking, musical event or theater. Some are for members only as a monthly networking meetings and tango hour!

Language courses:
We offer many courses in different languages:

Life coaching:
We offer life coaching workshops. To declutter your Mind, Body and Soul in order to live a simple life.

Jallabina dance workout:
Co-operating with Jallabina dance workout.

Club membership:
Any one can join our club and it costs 500kr  per year.
Societe för konst, scenkonst och Kultur ek.för. is members in:
Handelskammare, citysamverkan and Gallerian Förening.

Öppet: Mån-Fre 10-18, Lör 11-16,