SoHo Art, Design & Culture Center
SoHo Art, Design & Culture Center

An Art, Design and Culture center that creates a platform where Art interacts with the daily life, A space for artists to work , learn and develope the community.

Societe för konstscene och kultur ekonomisk förening.
Our platform is divided to many sections:

Galleri SoHo 
A Destination  where Artists  and art lovers travel to exhibit at our gallery (Galleri soHo), gather and interact.
A handcrafts and Art work section supporting local craft we currently having Collective collection from around 10 different artists are for sale in our Artshop section and hoping for more.
Teaching center
Courses , workshops and after work (by booking) in Art , design, crafts , languages, music and Dance.
Fashion Design section 
Fashion design section: (Ghada Zaky design studio)
Fashion design studio, textile printing, Fashion, accessories and print design courses, fashion shows etc. And building a stage for perfomances.
Art tour
SkapandeUpplevelse (by booking) for groups and can be modified  Minimum 5 per: Package includes materials, knowledge, entertainment and trying. We offer different packages either detailed to a specific painting, famous artist, (“The Starry Night”, Frida Kahlo, Salvador Dali etc). And as wide as an art movement, specific culture or country (Pop Art, Cubism, nomadic, African art, Abstract). Ask for details…
Evenemang och arrangemang
Entertainment,  social and cultural events (suitable for all ages)
(not religiously or politically based).
Med i Skapandeskola 2019-2020 
Skapande skola är regeringens satsning på samverkan mellan skola och kulturliv. Både kommunala skolor och fristående skolor har möjlighet att ansöka om medel för Skapande skola-projekt.
Program with Västerås stad that kids between 10-15 years can come  and try different art and handcrafts  for free.
Societe KSK klub membership.  
(Our goal is integration  so  any can apply to be a member in our social club as long as the member is respectful to the common laws and values of the Swedish community)
And  more upcoming projects.
Öppet: Mån-Fre 10-18, Lör 11-16,